negotiations were at a crucial stage

pivotal, critical, key, climacteric, decisive, deciding; life-and-death
minor, unimportant

confidentiality is crucial in this case

all-important, of the utmost importance, of the essence, critical, preeminent, paramount, essential, vital
crucial, acute, critical, deciding, pressing, urgent
In any emergency or crisis situation, there is usually a turning point. Such an event is called critical if it determines the outcome of a situation (a critical point in the nuclear disarmament negotiations; a critical election for the Democratic Party). Crucial can also refer to a turning point, but it emphasizes the necessity of something happening before a result can be achieved (the battle was crucial to their victory), while critical suggests more of a balance between positive and negative outcomes (a critical debate on foreign policy). Acute describes the intensification of a situation that is rapidly approaching a climax (an acute shortage of O-negative blood), while deciding refers to something that forces a certain outcome (a deciding factor in his recovery). Pressing and urgent are milder words. A situation that is pressing may be chronic rather than acute (a pressing need for changes in the political system), while an urgent situation may be approaching a crisis without reference to a specific turning point (an urgent meeting between the two presidents). While urgent expresses more intensity than pressing, neither adjective conveys the same sense of intensity as crucial, critical, or acute.

Thesaurus of popular words. 2014.


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